> To provide path coordinates flattened
 > (with all transformations applied) it would have to compute the
 >  transformations itself. So it is not obviously clear, that librsvg *has*

 > the data readily available for the use in the GIMP.

It can provide transformation matrix which keeps rotation, translation and
in a 4x3 matrix. Or unit matrix if there is no transformations (i.e. in case
of Blender's SVG file).
The matrix is then pushed on the stack (cairo, OpenGL) before issuing
commands to draw with points.
It is better to do *computation* on GPU side.
These things are standardized.

> I don't see a good reason to abandon our own parser. If it has problem
> we need an isolated testcase of a compact, validated SVG that results in
> bogus paths. Then we can track this down.

I'm afraid that path rendering in GIMP requires a major change.
Why not take this step further and make it more flexible and easier to
maintain for future development?

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