On Thu, 2010-09-09 at 12:13 +0200, Mirza Husadzic wrote:

> The problem is manifested when I imported SVG file (the mesh UV Layout
> generated by Blender 2.53) into GIMP, in order to be able
> to paint textures by keeping guide-lines with paths.
> The paths are not imported/merged properly where SVG image is
> generated correctly (probably by 'librsvg'?).
> The Blender's 'uv.py' exporter script had generated uv's layout as SVG
> polygons as follows (note that polygon is a quad):
> <polygon fill="rgb(204, 204, 204)" fill-opacity="0.5" stroke="black"
> stroke-width="1px" 
>   points="67.334,493.895 77.587,494.896 78.033,463.871 67.768,463.723
> " />

Can you please open a bug-report and attach the most simple test case
that you can come up with? We need a small .svg file that illustrates
the problem. I am pretty sure that the problem can easily be fixed then.


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