I tried drawing per Script.
I'm using Python.

I can already use vectors for drawing circles,
and set single points.

I did not found a way to create rectangles,
or lines.

Aren't there pdb-functions that draw a line?

Do I have to create it pixelwise?
In a loop?

When using the circle drawing with vectors I would
expect that this technique can do it's work fast.
But it's very slow (using a loop to set paths in those vectors).
(In OpenGL for example there are Vertex Arrays that can be used to speed up
 drawing. Something like that in GIMP, and available for scripting would be 

(I also saw, that what on the GUI are Paths internally are called vectors.
To make things better undesrstandable, it would make sense to give things the
same name... but maybe there is more to vectors and I don't see it so far.
Why are there different names?)

How can I speed up my drawings without switching to C?
With my Python script I need about 3 or 4 seconds just for drawing 2072 circles.

This seems very slow to me.

If I also would need to write pixels of a line pixel-wise,
I would also await to have very slow scripts.
Special functions for drawing lines from within Python-plugins,
that use C-speed would be fine.

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