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> Quoting Mirza Husadzic<mirza.husad...@gmail.com>:
>> Hi all,
>> I came up with solution to import and merge Blender's SVG file as path into
>> GIMP.
>> :
>> :
>> I was quite depressed yesterday, but in the middle of night I got an idea
>> :-)
>> "If GIMP cannot draw overlapped lines, then why should draw them
>> *overlapped* after all!?"
>> If duplicates are removed, then XOR drawing will not affect path. Yupiee.
>> As a side effect, there will be approx. half of lines less to draw (in case
>> of connected polygons a.k.a mesh) so this is a very good optimization
>> for poor gdk-powered line drawing in GIMP.
>> :
>> :
>> I would like to hear you opinions.
> Why not implement your removal of overlapping path segments as a
> separate plug-in which can be executed on any paths, not just imported
> ones? Doing this would eliminate the import interface offering an
> option which addresses a hardware/graphics "preview" limitation which
> many users would not, and would not care to, understand (and may
> disappear in the future).


a quick look at the bug from 2001 suggests this is the underlying issue 
that affects more than just the svg problem. XOR is a fundamentally 
flawed way of dealing with overlapping elements.

This bug has been repeatedly kicked into the long grass since it was 
opened. Presumably the best solution would be to deal with the root 
cause: xor.

Removing duplicates would be a reasonable workaround for the mesh 
problem. Does it have a wider application?

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