There is no doubt about XOR drawing. It should be fixed asap so GIMP  
development can continue more clearly.
But, if you merge some complex path and there is no way to unmerge, it  
is useless to keep collinear lines.
This is just optimization from which users can benefit to import more  
complex shapes. From which path selection can be traced etc.

I dont know which are goals of GIMP, this is just my point of view  
about programming in general. If there is a demand to optimize  
bottlenecks I will do it. Drawing half of something (at visible area)  
is pretty good optimization.


On 13. ruj. 2010., at 11:47, Alexia Death <> wrote:

> 2010/9/13 Mirza <>:
>> Then test should be extended to look
>> for collinear lines.
>> But principle should be the same, which means that collinear lines  
>> will be
>> removed from flattened path.
>> Mirza.
> No. Just... no. XOR needs to die. Badly.
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> --Alexia
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