Thank you Sven.
Actually I didn't wasted my time more on this so far, beacause I'm  
able to continue my work with painting textures where I jammed last  
I know that I just scratched the surface in this short time and in  
order to do more solid solution I need to learn more and to look for  
your help.

This is a very good news that it would be solved at git head, and  
finally realesed with new version of GIMP.
I'm sure that many 3D artists will be happy with that fix. This is for  
sure one of reasons why some of them looked for alternative over GIMP.  
And this is a reason why I'm such a pain in the ass about this ;-)  
Because, I want to improve GIMP. And after all I'm doing it with your  
help. Thanks again ;-)

Please consider optimization with merged paths as this is crucial to  
smooth rendering on current GIMP's architecture.


On 13. ruj. 2010., at 20:19, Sven Neumann <> wrote:

> On Sun, 2010-09-12 at 23:25 +0200, Mirza Husadzic wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I came up with solution to import and merge Blender's SVG file as  
>> path
>> into GIMP.
>> This is just quick and dirty solution which I hacked this afternoon.
>> But it works very well.
>> I opened bug report yesterday concerning GIMP's invalid path-line
>> drawing (
>> Then, as Sven marked this ticket as duplicate of
>> (dating form 2001) I
>> realized that
>> things will change really slow:-).
> Actually I have fixed the paths drawing problem Friday evening and the
> problem is solved in my tree. Just needs a little more work to finish
> it. So please stop wasting your time with work-arounds.
> Sven
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