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> Hi,
>> What does prevent you from using the calls for
>> gimp_vectors_bezier_stroke_new_moveto and
>> gimp_vectors_bezier_stroke_lineto to draw lines?
> I looked for "draw" and did not find functions that do it.
> So, in short words: I did not found thos functions.
>> (Don't  forget to alias then in your code to shorter names, last you
>> have really undereadable stuff)
> If it does not eat up too much ressources in Python...
> ...you mean using def for creating a function that just calls the other one?
> or are "alias"es what Python offers as a separate feature?

Neither of the above.
Functions are values, in Python. Therefore

lineto = pdb.gimp_vectors_bezier_stroke_lineto

is all that you need, so that you can call lineto instead of calling
pdb.gimp_vectors_bezier_stroke_lineto (and having to type all that out
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