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> On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 01:39:42PM +0400, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
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>> The way things are going native RAW support in GIMP using GEGL + some
>> can-opener library will likely require a dedicated developer in the
>> team. Which the team doesn't seem to have right now, being heavily
>> shorthanded and outnumbered.
> [...]
> A problem I talked about with people more than once.

Not here, perhaps? :)

> So what I often asked for is something like an overview
> on the Gimp-code. A documentation could help,

It is true that dev documentation is lacking essential bits for new
developers. Barak Itkin used to have beginnings of GIMP's architecture
overview. I wonder what stage the document is in :)

> but I personally would prefer workshops, where I can ask the
> more expereienced developers on who things are done.

Workshops organized by...? Where? On whose money?

> This saves a lot of time and can motivate people.

You live in Germany, as several GIMP developers do. Last thing I heard
is that developers want to have a face-to-face meeting some time
around release of 2.8 or maybe before (if I got that right). Thy will
be occupied with things, but maybe they can find time to talk to you
as well?

> Otherwise some developers that could help a lot would just do
> different things.

In my experience people who really want to contribute find IRC good
enough for discussing things. This is how the project acquired some of
our most valuable contributors despite of lacking documentation and no

> Some weeks ago I asked on irc for some help in gimp script programming.
> The answers I got were rather uninformed - from people who seem to be
> developers in Gimp.

Seem to be or are developers? Do you understand that you base your
judgments on an assumption and proceed with them as if the assumption
was correct? This is not nice really.

> No useful answer, rather rhetoric questions instead of answers.

That still keeps a possibility of a question asked in a particular style :)

> I then got the answer from someone else, who has nothing to do with Gimp coe
> development,
> but did a lot Gimp scripting.

So the problem was solved then?

Alexandre Prokoudine
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