On Mon, 2010-09-20 at 01:11 +0200, fu...@gmx.net wrote:
> Without the requirement of installing separate software/plug-ins.

GIMP can't load or save any file format except XCF without separate
plug-ins. So by your definition of "native support" GIMP doesn't support
any file formats except XCF. Most features in GIMP are implemented as
plug-ins. So I don't see your point in asking us to add RAW support to
the core. There's a plug-in for it, just as for any other file format.

What's admittedly missing is the ability of the core to process files in
higher bit depths than 8bit per pixel. This is definitely on the

> I read on the Internet, that GEGL will provide support for many raw
> format types of different camera manufacturers already by itself,
> without the need of UFRAW or anything else.

That is wrong. GEGL will also use third-party libraries to read and
write RAW files. We are certainly not going to reinvent the wheel.


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