> GIMP can't load or save any file format except XCF without separate
> plug-ins. So by your definition of "native support" GIMP doesn't support
> any file formats except XCF. Most features in GIMP are implemented as
> plug-ins. So I don't see your point in asking us to add RAW support to
> the core. There's a plug-in for it, just as for any other file format.

You get me wrong! I don't say to program it into the core, I am just 
suggesting, that GIMP should already be shipped with all the required stuff 
(third-party libraries/plug-ins) that's needed to open/write raw files, instead 
of depending on software, that has to be downloaded/installed separately.

RAW support is a very important and common feature for a graphics editor and 
should be provided by the main product itself (my opinion). Especially, because 
64-bit builds of GIMP are currently in the testing phase and you can't count on 
third-party developers to release a compatible version of their plug-ins.
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