On 09/22/2010 09:05 PM, Abir Sadik wrote:
> This is some really serious violation going on, and i hope someone 
> will do something about it. Some people who really dont know much 
> about opensource are actually buying from that seller, check his feedback.

People like this pop up on the net and/or ebay now and then. What bothers 
me more about people like this is when they try and rebrand a program, or 
try and hide the original name/source of the program (sometimes to almost 
claim it as their own creation). Not much you can do about them other than 
try and get them on violation of the GPL.

The image on the listings says they can provide a copy of the "GNU GLP 
License" on request. They couldn't get the name of the license correct in 
their listings. The license should be included as part of the installation 
of the software. If they think the license is what must be made available 
on request, they may not realize its the source code they must make 
available. Ask them if the source code is included or if they provide a 
pointer to it for the package being sold (along with all the other dozen or 
so packagse included on the CD).

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