On 9/23/10, Bernhard Guillon wrote:

>> I was looking for something on ebay and this is what i stumbled upon:
>> some seller or sellers are selling GIMP and many other open source
>> applications (vlc, pidgin) pretending as a "distributor" of the
>> softwares. check this seller http://myworld.ebay.com/bourleche
>> He is selling GIMP and vlc, oo, pidgin etc. with it as "bonus" softwares.
> If there is such a market for selling GIMP why not the project itself is
> selling the software on ebay.

That basically boils down to "Why is there no GIMP Foundation"? In my
sick and screwed imagination the answer would be "Because there is
nobody willing to do all the bloody boring daily work required to
ensure prosperity of such an organization".

Alexandre Prokoudine
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