On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 09:15:52PM +0200, g...@catking.net wrote:
> On 09/23/10 18:57, Chris Moller wrote:
> > eBay has been notified of both the possible license infringement and
> > also of what they call "fee avoidance"--charging almost nothing for the
> > product, a percentage of which goes to eBay, and making their money on
> > their exorbitant shipping charges, on which eBay makes nothing.  Between
> > these two violations of eBay policy, the auctions are likely to be ended
> > and the selling warned not to do it again.
> >
> > (My wife is a high-level eBay seller and knows about this sort of thing...)
> >
> >
> Nice move , shop the guy to the Ebay police without even pointing out 
> the source code requirements and asking him to comply with the licence.
> Who gives a shit if he claws back a bit of ebay commission. They're far 
> bigger crooks.

I have looked at thzat page, and only found something like "40 programs bundle",
for 0,99 $.

Nothing where I can see that it is GPLed stuff.

Maybe I missed that in the thread.... did someone bought that stuff and found
Gimp, Blender, openOffice and so on on that bought CD/DVD?

Or is it just rumor?

if it's proven, that it's against GPL license,
then contacting the FSF would be good.... they will have lawyers and some
institutional power to go on with that and it might become soon a problem to
those people and ebay.


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