On 23.09.2010 18:28, Bernhard Guillon wrote:
> On 23.09.2010 06:05, Abir Sadik wrote:
>> Heyy..
>> I was looking for something on ebay and this is what i stumbled upon:
>> some seller or sellers are selling GIMP and many other open source
>> applications (vlc, pidgin) pretending as a "distributor" of the
>> softwares. check this seller http://myworld.ebay.com/bourleche
>> He is selling GIMP and vlc, oo, pidgin etc. with it as "bonus" softwares.
> If there is such a market for selling GIMP why not the project itself is
> selling the software on ebay. In my country (germany) some people do not
> have access to broadband internet and like to buy a CD of the software.

why the heck has this to done by the big, mystical "project"?!?

To all those that are really pissed off by such monetizing practices:
please turn your anger into something useful and just sell similar CDs
yourself at fair prices! That's the simplest solution.

Leaving the ebay specifics aside, what is happening here is that someone is
harvesting badly informed customers. These best and easiest way to inform
these customers/prey is on the marketplace itself!

The successful keywords/style of advertising can be learned on ebay itself,
and if you provide the download links right in the advertisement, your
DVD burner probably won't wear off...

have fun,
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