On 24/09/2010 19:44, Ofnuts wrote:
> The whole plugin paints successive concentric uniform 1-pixel ribbons
> around the original selection (pixel values a obtained from another
> layer). On my laptop (T2400, 1.83GHz) it takes roughly 10 seconds to
> draw 20 concentric ribbons around a 500-pixels circular selection.
> The whole thing runs within a undo_group_start()/image.undo_group_end()
> so I don't expect any more undos?

By the way, when my plug-in runs, the "marching ants" go into a frenzy, 
as if each selection change caused a screen update (though the 
bucket-fills don't show until the whole thing is finished). Would 
disabling these updates speed things up? (if so how is it done?)


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