> > There's a small thing that I missed in GIMP for some time. That
> > thing is a megapixel counter to add to window title or status.
> Hi!
> IMO we need to make it easier than editing a complex format-string to 
> get this info in the window title.

Well… I haven't thought of that, to be frank, since I'm comfy with the
current state of things :). Also, I just wanted to fill the gap that
was important for me.

> But that's a different project...
> Are you sure it is best to divide with 1000000 and not 1024*1024?

Yes, I'm sure. Megapixel is decimal unit so 10e6 is right.

As an afterthought I would change presentation from 2 to 1 decimal
places. I don't think there's much use of having such precise
measurement as 1/100 of MP.

Best regards!

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