noticed a defect in the text entry tool.

I was preparing a few lines of text on top of an image using the small 
edit window of the text tool. If I select a text segment with the mouse 
and do middle button to paste the text cursor does not move.

This may not be too important in itself but has knock on effects and 
other related issues since to move the cursor to the new location 
requires a second click , which in turn clears the buffer, losing the 
text I had selected.

X-window copy paste is so much more efficient than messing with context 
menus or dropping the mouse twice to use cntl-c cntl-v . This ought to 
be fairly easy to fix. So I'd like to dig into it.

I suspect this may be a bug inherited from gtk , if so can anyone point 
me in the right direction? Any other tips that may save some time 
getting into it?

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