Hi all,

So, finally I have done enough setup to have GIMP, GEGL and babl 
tarballs nightly built and published. They can be downloaded from here:


A big thanks to Cameron Gregory at FlamingText.com who donated the 
gimptest.flamingtext.com server.

The buildbots are found at http://gimptest.flamingtext.com:PORT/ where 
PORT is 8010, 8011 and 8012 for babl, GEGL and GIMP respectively.

I have created a new project with various useful scripts and a Python 
module to help setup and maintain the GIMP BuildBots, found at 

There are BuildBot IRC bots in #gegl and #gimp. Mails will be sent out 
to individual developers in two groups: "all mails" and "failed builds". 
GIMP's distcheck fails way too often for us to send build status mails 
to gimp-developer. Most people on that list don't care if GIMP's make 
distcheck fails.

Hopefully the demand for nightly builds will not be too big for 
gimptest.flamingtext.com. If the bandwidth usage becomes too big due to 
tarball downloads, we have to find another place to host those.

Still some things to do:

  * Make the blamelist feature work. I didn't get a GitPoller to work
    properly so I has postponed this for now. The best way would
    probably be to listen to the GNOME commit mailing list and let
    the buildbot get notified about new changes that way.

  * Install a complete set of build dependencies for GEGL and GIMP on
    the buildbot so the whole code base is built, I plan to finish this

  * Make the UI tests be run during make distcheck

Eventually it would be nice to do nightly binary builds too, in 
particular for Windows where it is very inconvenient to do GIMP builds. 

  / Martin


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