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> in GAP I would like to see
> - repaired .APNG support (import and export)
> - .MNG (import and export)
> - numbered .BMP's as frames (used in a number of video frame conversion
> programs) (import and export)
> - .AVI (import and export, but you can limit the kinds of video formats you
> want to support, since there are MANY)
> - .flv (import and export) (I think it already does this)
> - .swf (import and export)
> and if someone really feels like doing it, .mpg and .vp8 files and some of
> the modern formats.  I believe mplayer can read a lot of these formats, and
> what mplayer does not read, ffmpeg does. ffmpeg even does AVI[MJPEG] which
> is what my camera puts out.

GEGL being a graph based image processing/compositing framework is
lends itself well for building animation based systems as well as
static image things like GIMP. One of the projects that I abandoned
development of and folded into GEGL when GEGL development was
restarted some years back was a combined video sequencing/compositing
system. Some of the examples in the GEGL source tree are also simple
animations driven from C or ruby/python.

GEGL has input nodes and output nodes built on top of the ffmpeg
libraries (quite probably bitrotted, but salvagable). Perhaps similar
nodes should be created along the same pattern as well that use
GStreamer instead.

/Øyvind K.
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