I'm working on Win XP - not a very gimpesque enviroment, I know - and I'm 
troubling with the command line syntax. I'm new to Python and Plugin-writing, 
so I may do not use the correct terms when I describe my problem;

Basically I want my python commands to be run with the GIMP-Python-console from 
the WIN XP command line. (Later to make a .bat file of it and run it 
regularily). I haven't found a way do run python-scripts with the 
GIMP-Python-console, so my idea is to make a plugin and call the function via 
the command line.

So first of all I put my python commands into a function (my_function.py) and 
dropped the file into the plug-ins directory. There are not input parameters in 
my function so far.

Further I open the command line, go to the directory that contains my pictures 
to be processed and type:

gimp-2.6 -i --batch-interpreter=python-fu-eval -b python-fu-my-function

which starts to print the usual loading commands but stops with:

Starting extension: 'extension-script-fu'
batch command experienced an execution error

Is there essentially anything wrong with my syntax?
I even can't run other python-plugins.

I guess the issues are the input paramters of the function. A function requires 
an image and a drawable as input, am I right?
Therefore I see other python-plugins to come with a seperate batch file?
As far as I have found out, the batchfile.py makes a list of files to be 
processed and passes it to the function.
To execute the batch file, it is called from the command line. This made me 
think, if one could directly run the python script with the GIMP-Python console 
like this:

gimp-2.6 -i --batch-interpreter=python-fu-eval -b my_script.py 

My setup: GIMP 2.6.10, Python 2.6.5.
Any hints will be appreciated.

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