On Mon, 2010-10-11 at 15:38 +0200, Sebastian Koblinger wrote:

> Further I open the command line, go to the directory that contains my
> pictures to be processed and type:
> gimp-2.6 -i --batch-interpreter=python-fu-eval -b python-fu-my-function
> which starts to print the usual loading commands but stops with:
> Starting extension: 'extension-script-fu'
> batch command experienced an execution error
> Is there essentially anything wrong with my syntax?

Please post a simple example script to illustrate what you are trying to

> I guess the issues are the input paramters of the function. A function
> requires an image and a drawable as input, am I right?

No, procedures don't require any input parameters at all. For procedures
to be run from the image menu, it makes sense to have an image and a
drawable parameters, but even there this is not a requirement.


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