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> On Thu, 2010-09-23 at 18:28 +0200, Bernhard Guillon wrote:
>> On 23.09.2010 06:05, Abir Sadik wrote:
>> > Heyy..
>> >
>> > I was looking for something on ebay and this is what i stumbled upon: 
>> > some seller or sellers are selling GIMP and many other open source 
>> > applications (vlc, pidgin) pretending as a "distributor" of the 
>> > softwares. check this seller
>> > He is selling GIMP and vlc, oo, pidgin etc. with it as "bonus" softwares.
>> >
>> If there is such a market for selling GIMP why not the project itself is 
>> selling the software on ebay. In my country (germany) some people do not 
>> have access to broadband internet and like to buy a CD of the software.
> You can get a copy of GIMP on a CD/DVD in the newspaper shop nearby
> pretty much every week. Just check out the computer magazines. Currently
> there's the c't special on sale that comes with lots of interesting
> software for photo editing:

Wow, it is good information to me, thanks!


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