Few days ago I asked about LAB/CMYK plans in Gimp, I am not sure
what's the current status is, so maybe I will try another question.

In Gimp one can use "Color Picker Tool", set "use info window" and
will see "Color Picker information" with color values.
There are 4 types of colorspace to choose:
1) Pixel
2) RGB
3) HSV

I want to add LAB version, and after that, I want to fix (or just add
new) CMYK version - cyan is almost always 0% now.

It doesn't look very complicated, there is already gimp_rgb_to_cmyk
and gimp_rgb_to_hsv and inside decompose.c there is full code of
gimp_rgb_to_lab, just not placed in separate function. Then I will
need to add it to gimpcolorframe.c and it should work :)

The question is - can I do it? Can I submit a patch somewhere and it
could be commited into development branch?

PS. I use gimp-git
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