On Thu, 2010-10-21 at 23:23 +0200, Martin Nordholts wrote:

> > You can't really take the active color profile into account unless we
> > decide to add a dependency on littlecms to the core. The whole color
> > management system would basically need to be rewritten. This has the
> > potential to allow some important improvements all over the place. But
> > we really need someone willing and capable to finish this work if we
> > want to open this can of worms.
> The experiment doesn't need to take place in git master though, we can 
> create an experimental branch if we get a set of interesting patches. So 
> it doesn't matter if it gets finished or not, we either abandon or merge 
> that experimental branch depending on the outcome.
> If someone starts experimenting with this, I suggest making littlecms 
> one of potentially backends, so that we can compile against the native 
> color management library of a platform when available.

That is what the current color management infrastructure does. So far no
one has ever expressed any interest in implementing a native backend
though. So I guess we better abandon that idea and just use lcms for all
platforms. Would be a lot easier if lcms could be used in the core and
if we wouldn't have to create some sort of abstraction layer that fits
all color management backends.

But then we might run into trouble when cairo gets color management
capabilities. Currently display color management is totally broken in
trunk, so we need to find a way out of this anway...


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