Sven Neumann wrote:
> But then we might run into trouble when cairo gets color management
> capabilities. Currently display color management is totally broken in
> trunk, so we need to find a way out of this anway...

This is unlikely. For one thing, what is cairo likely to use ? - lcms.
For another, you don't have to use other underlying CMM's, as long
as the underlying device colorspaces are exposed. It can help to
have access to system configuration information (ie. an association
between devices and their color profiles), and for this some platform
independent wrapper is desirable, but in the first instance you
can ignore all of that and have the user select the profiles
manually. Retrieving the display profiles automatically
would be nice though, and there is code around to do this on various platforms
(I've certainly written some under GPL for MSWin, OS X and Linux).

Graeme Gill.
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