Dear GIMP Developers,

I have been using GIMP for about 10 years, I really liked this
program, the menu in the toolbox and the way it was. Similarly lots of
GIMP users that lets you know that the menu in the toolbox is missing.
I don't understand the point of removing this menu without leaving
user option to make is available again - if there are people that
don't like this menu they should simply make it invisible. Why do you
enforce users with your vision on what is better for them, with no
other option (some communists or other *ists involved?). I can see
that there is a proposition on the GIMP GUI brainstorm site to create
some kind of menu in the toolbox (Monday, 26 July 2010, File toolbox
menu), so maybe this is a good signal that the menu in the toolbox
indeed was useful. There are also ideas on creating elephant large
icon menus, so what is wrong with the simple and functional text menu?
If you like to know why I did like the menu take a look at and please
reconsider you decision, at least leaving the choice for user by a
radio button. Please note that there are lots of good changes in new
GIMP releases that I really like (ie. selection method), I just don't
like destroying the menu functionality, useful for me and lots of
people, that seems to show back again in the GUI Brainstorming anyway.

Best regards,
Tomek Cedro

ps/2: If you want to know another program that can have multiple menus
in _one_ window take a look at Blender3D.

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