On Sun, 2010-10-24 at 02:06 +0200, Tomek CEDRO wrote:
> 1. There is no need to remove this functionality (or any other) - the
> simplest solution is to connect visibility of that menu with the
> checkbox in the preferences menu / toolbox section.

And people will turn it off by mistake, or forget they turned it on,
and write tutorials people can't follow, or get stuck... etc etc.

I admit I can see a lot of use in a context (pop-up) menu in the
drop area of the toolbox, maybe with a button for it, as in the main
image window - it'd have a list of active windows to choose from,
and maybe the File menu.


> 3. It was really nice when working on multiple desktops with lots of
> windows - I had some worksets placed around different workspaces. This
> is critical functionality for me.

The trend seems to be towards single-window with tabs, although
long-term I for one would rather see multiple windows with tabs.

> 6. When I close last window, so called no-window, GIMP quits - what if
> I want to have only this toolbar ready to create new picture window
> (ie. from a screenshot). If you care about space, no need to have
> additional window.

Or, have only the window; if you press tab, the toolbox goes away.
The toolbox (it's not actually a toolbar) is just one of many gimp

There's something to be said for running multiple instances of gimp:
for one thing you get more control on where files are loaded and saved
on a per-project basis.



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