On 10/24/10, Tomek CEDRO wrote:

> 1. There is no need to remove this functionality (or any other) - the
> simplest solution is to connect visibility of that menu with the
> checkbox in the preferences menu / toolbox section. If anyone wants to
> see this menu, they check the option. Option unchecked will hide menu
> and make a free space for other tabbed tools pallettes. No problem,
> both sides are totally happy :-)

There are more sides than you think. And the sides you mention don't
exactly do what you expect of them.

> 2. The toolbar is smaller and more comfortable and does not hide
> window I am working on (ie. when taking a screenshot).

Smaller than what? With GIMP from Git master I can make toolbox one
column wide, whereas toolbox menu enforces (lovely word, I'm gonna use
it from now on) width of toolbox of at least three columns, and that
already means not seeing Help menu item. That alone is a great reason
to kill the toolbox menu, and there are more reasons to do it.

> 3. It was really nice when working on multiple desktops with lots of
> windows - I had some worksets placed around different workspaces. This
> is critical functionality for me.

There's a lot of "I" in your mail, but please understand that
judgments of one person are not enough. Changes always mean that
somebody is going to be pissed off. Providing backwards compatibility
for behavior in an application means that this application becomes a
horrible mess, as a rule with no exceptions.

Most of your points are raised because the toolbox menu was your kind
of central point of access to features. This is no longer true in the
new design and (arguably) cannot stay true.

Until optional single-window mode is finished (2.8, hopefully), my
recommendation to you would be to hold your judgments. What you are
seeing in 2.6 is an in-between state, a milestone. In other words,
things are changing. You might actually like the final result. Be

Alexandre Prokoudine
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