I too was very upset about the menu but I'm not 
anymore because of the TAB key.  With the new design, I 
can have all of my windows for art and just press TAB 
and the toolbox and the dialogs go away leaving free 
access to the art.  When I need to click something in 
the toolbox or a layer dialog, I just hit TAB again and 
they're back and on top.  Meanwhile I have free access 
to the menus all the time at the top of the drawing 
surface.  Even more often, I don't even reach up for 
the menu because the right click menu has whatever I 
need without having to reach up to the top of the 
window.  This works whether I'm using a mouse, my 
touchpad on my laptop, or have my Wacom tablet plugged 
in doing serious work.  The workflow is now faster, 
easier and more intuitive.  So, now I'm calmed down.  
The thing I was so mad about won me over.  I hope it 
does for you to.  Single window mode is wonderful too 
with a couple of caveats I warn about below.  I use it 
now on Linux.  The only difference is that the toolbox 
and dialogs are attached to the sides of the art.  I 
still press TAB and make them go away now so I have the 
most free surface.

There's still a fairly serious usability issue that 
comes in only when using single window mode, but they 
don't promise they have the usability all worked out 
yet in 2.7.   Here's the problem.  When you press TAB 
not only do the toolbox and dialogs go away, but it 
rudely resizes your drawing surface to the size of the 
image and moves the window so that whatever was under 
your cursor is no longer under it.  I didn't ask for 
that, it's just something the programmer threw in as a 
sadistic effect.  It combines in insidious ways with 
the use of autoraise.  (Autoraise makes  whatever 
window is under the cursor become active and raise 
above other windows when you pause over it for a short 
while.)  If you're working on a small image like an 
icon or button for a web site, it strikes:

1) You press TAB

2) The toolbox and dialogs disappear - good.

3) The nice big drawing surface that you sized just how 
you wanted it (on purpose!) resizes small and to one 
corner of the screen.  The image is suddenly no longer 
under your cursor!  It not only resizes but moves!  The 
bigger your screen and the smaller the image the more 
startling this is.  (Maybe the top left stays where it 
was and all the rest moves up to it, I don't know or 
care, I just want it to not apparently resize, nor 
move.  If that means they have to really move it over 
by the amount of the width of the vanishing toolbox, so 
what, it's a simple calculation.  The drawing surface 
should appear to be the same size, and the image I'm 
working on in the same place, after the sides 
disappear.  If they want to make it bigger to use the 
space that toolbox and dialogs freed up that's 
acceptable too, as long as the image stays in the same 
place under my cursor and the drawing surface at least 
the same size.  Just don't go all tiny on me!)

4) Whatever other window you had behind GIMP (maybe a 
fullscreen web browser that you flip to when you need a 
break or to do some research) is now to your surprise 
under the cursor and autoraises and covers the drawing 
surface.  There's actually time to move over and keep 
that from happening if you're not too surprised, but 
the window is now a tiny thing over in the top left!  
It's nowhere NEAR your cursor!   When would THAT ever 
be your hearts desire?  No!  You would obviously want 
the same pixel that WAS under your cursor to STILL be 
under your cursor.  It's MUCH worse than having to 
reach up for a menu.  It's mean and intrusive.

5) Wail and gnash the teeth pulling out the hair and 
cursing the programmer.

I don't have any idea why they decided the thing to do 
is to resize the drawing surface to the image size when 
hiding the toolbox and dialogs.  They don't when you 
aren't using the single window mode, and there seems no 
reason for it.  Probably just a brain fart.  Hopefully 
they'll work that out before 2.8.  The only other 
remaining issue I have is that GIMP forgets that you 
wanted single window mode each time you tuck it away.

It's funny that I was so attached to the toolbar menu.  
When I first started to use GIMP I hated it.  There was 
a menu on the drawing window and a menu on the 
toolbar.  I had no idea which to use for what and it 
was just confusing.  Eventually the bad interface 
became familiar and I knew where everything was and 
then when it was gone I was UPSET!  lol.  The one now 
is really better.

best regards,

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