I just played a bit with this and I confirm there is something fishy in 
the UI (I'm on 2.6).

When using a tablet, with "color from gradient" checked and all brush 
dynamics (pressure/velocity/random) un-checked, one ends up in  a mode 
where the color is derived from the length of the current brush stroke. 
And there is nothing making that clear in the UI. And when one selects 
another dynamic, the "length" one disappears and nothing shows how to 
put it back.

So, my suggestion;

1) make the "length" dynamic (or whatever its official name is) 
explicit, with its own line of checkboxes.

2) grey out the gradient part when no "color" is used in any of the 
dynamics (its "length" selector, that seem used only for the length 
dynamic could be replaced by the cursor on the right of the checkboxes).

3) the "fade out" option is merely the opacity controlled by the length 

4) grey out the pressure/veloclity (no tilt support yet?) when there are 
no extended devices.

5) come to think of it, the amount of jitter could also be controlled by 
the dynamics (of course we need a way to specifiy a fixed jitter, either 
by an artificial "no dynamic", or by using a minimum cursor value in the 
length dynamic).

6) I'm not too enamored with the little cursor symbols next to the 
checkboxes. 1) iIt is not so obvious there is something to set there, 2) 
they aren't that much readable, 3) they don't explain how they work 
(percentage? length? pixels/second)? 3) some dynamics may need more than 
one cursor (for length: none/sawtooth/triangle, but pressure/velocity 
could have several transfer functions)

Hoping my criticism has been constructive enough ...

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