Fairly new at all this, but managed to

- git-clone the repository (should give me the latest and greatest (yes, 
unstable, but that's understood)?)
- run autogen.sh and install the various dependencies
- at last, running make

But, then after some amount of time and much console activity (that let 
me assume that my setup is OK) I get:

    gimpoperationcagecoefcalc.c:23:34: error: gegl-buffer-iterator.h: No 
such file or directory

And this file is indeed not part of the headers I got when I 
built/installed gegl-0.1.2 (from tjhe gtk.org repository).

Do I need an even more recent version of GEGL (but autogen.sh looked 
happy with 0.1.2), and if so, where do I get it from?

Ofnuts, in very rainy Paris
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