While playing with 2.7, I noticed that one of the brush dynamics is the 
oriention, something I had been longing for.

However, when stroking a selection, the results are a bit disappointing. 
Here is an XCF with a couple of tests:


(on the left, the 2.7 results, on the right, what one would expect...).

The pictures are actually a "selection to path" + "stroke path" , 
because a direct "stroke selection" on the circle is even worse.

>From  a user point of view, it is difficult to understand

- on the circle: the "side switch"

- on the square: the inversion in the top bar (I assume the reason is 
the same as in the circle), and the inconsistent overlap (the right side 
of the top bar should be under the right bar).

Rounding the corners would be a cherry on the cake :-)

If it's still work in progress, I didn't say anything...


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