Just read the specs here: 

I like that very much... except this:

> Transformation constraints
> [...]
> from centre
>     works on scale and shear, toggled by <ctrl>
> [...]
> centre/corner rotate
>     works on rotation axis, toggled by <ctrl>

Constraining the scale around the center is arbitrary. Scale could be 
constrained around any fixed point, and this fixed point could as well 
be the already defined rotation axis (which, by default, is at the 
center...). If I want to adjust a layer over another one, I don't want 
scale to move things around. I would move the upper layer until one of 
its pixels is at its final place, then pin that one down and 
rotate/scale the upper layer to make at least another pixel match.

Additional suggestion; the current crosshair design masks the reference 
pixel, and in many cases the lines leading to it. A diagonal crosshair 
with a 3x3 pixels clear center could be better.


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