>I see the Van Gogh filter is still in gimp, even in the last git and i fear to 
>see it even in next 2.8

>I think nobody use it, also because would be close to the impossible do 
>something definite with it:
>not only is not clear for what is for, but even after reading its help page, 
>remain basically unusable as it is now because miss even the most rudimentary 

>Much more widely used and interesting filters were removed (i.e. the freetype 
>Many  third party plugin fit much more in the gimp product vision

>Do you really think that the Van Gogh filters may fit in the gimp product 
>vision ?

>In case at least fix it adding a preview, (but i think nobody will complain 
>for its removal )


I have read this message in GIMP lists:


I think that You are wrong. Did You asked to all GIMP users before saying that 
something is not useful and nobody uses it?

I haven't been asked. Please, don't say that nobody uses it, because You don't 
know it. Also, It could be filters (scripts) that uses this filter, and They 
would be broken.

I have a better idea: If You don't like something, don't use it.

I prefer the proposed idea of packages of filters (artistic, photo, 3D & 
textures, pixelart...). It would be much better that just removing things.

Also, I will make a backup copy of all filters, and I will reinstall them if 
some of them is removed in the next release. Also, I will install GIMP 2.8 and 
GIMP 3 simultaneously, because GIMP 2.8 has some functions that I need (and I 
use) that would be removed in GIMP 3 (like indexed colour model).


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