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>> Hi,
>> the running "polemical" thread on VG filter has made me aware of what is
>> presumably a new feature on that gimpusers.com blog that allows users of
>> the site direct access to this list via the address  for...@gimpusers.com
>> Would it be a best to simply block this address?

ggcarting i fear that will not solve:
I found convenient the gimpusers interface but I am registered on this list 
from long before was a gimpusers interface.

I am sorry to have started  such huge debat on such triviality
I dont care much of the faith of that filter and the more the debat inflate the 
less i care about  Van Gogh filters

still i think me AS IT IS NOW, would be better not in gimp

 ggcarting has the merit to have found a possible use of VG,
It is a pity  that a similar use  would require a preview  while  VG can't 
display any preview
...and so still seems AS IS IT NOW unusable.

But i don't care much, i reported, you have read the report, for me the case is 
closed and with no offence


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