On 11/19/10, Bill Skaggs wrote:

>>>>Another limitation of using GIMP for a 3 color image is that GIMP does
>>>> not use what are known in Photoshop as "Adjustment Layers".
>>> How about adding this missing feature to GIMP?
>> You know how to submit patches, don't you? :)
>That's not a very useful reply.  Adjustment layers have been discussed
> extensively in the past, and they are not something that a new user could
> simply code up and send in a patch for.  Even PhotoShop only allows
> adjustment layers for a specific set of adjustment types, because it's
> essential that adjustments can be calculated very rapidly.
> Anyway, one of the advantages of GEGL is that it may make this sort of
> thing easier to implement.

Well, my point is that adjustment layers have been discussed to death
already (sorry, Alexia :)) So there is not much point saing "How about
implementing them" once again. At some  point someone should JFDI.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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