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>>>>>Another limitation of using GIMP for a 3 color image is that GIMP does
>>>>> not use what are known in Photoshop as "Adjustment Layers".
>>>> How about adding this missing feature to GIMP?
>>> You know how to submit patches, don't you? :)
>>That's not a very useful reply.  Adjustment layers have been discussed
>> extensively in the past, and they are not something that a new user could
>> simply code up and send in a patch for.  Even PhotoShop only allows
>> adjustment layers for a specific set of adjustment types, because it's
>> essential that adjustments can be calculated very rapidly.
>> Anyway, one of the advantages of GEGL is that it may make this sort of
>> thing easier to implement.

Adjustment layers should be added to the GIMP FAQ
http://www.gimp.org/docs/userfaq.html under the section of frequent
feature requests,.. so that we can point to a FAQ and laugh instead of
wasting more time in this echo chamber :d

Almost all the foundation work for supporting this is already done in
GEGL/GIMP, the only missing bits is making a real decision on how
things are done in the UI as well as probably starting to let GIMP use
OpenRaster instead of XCF for composition storage. The projection of
GIMP can be made to render using a GEGL graph, in this graph any
arbitrary operation can be inserted anywhere in the hierarchy
providing a combination of the features photoshop call adjustment
layers/layer effects. Artificially limiting the selection of ops
doesn't seem good. A couple of years ago I tried exchanging the
opacity op in the GIMP code for the layer stack with a dropshadow op,
this worked fine and allowed to have live drop-shadows with an
adjustable parameter... thus one can almost say that GIMP can already
do these things and more, it just doesnt expose them to the user in
any useful form.

> Well, my point is that adjustment layers have been discussed to death
> already (sorry, Alexia :)) So there is not much point saing "How about
> implementing them" once again. At some  point someone should JFDI.

We are waiting (and kind of blocking) on our interaction designer
trying to come up with a solution as good or better solution than a
hierarchical list....  Last time the topic was brought up no further
input on the problem was provided ... that last email in that thread
was: https://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/lists/gimp-developer/2010-August/025446.html
I and other core developers would welcome a contribution providing
such integration, then we can later change what is being done iff
peter comes up with a better solution in a decade or two.

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