On 19.11.2010 23:14, Bart Kelsey wrote:
> I joined this ML because I was advised that there would be interest in
> discussing the gradient editor UI.  Understand that I'm not trying to
> put pressure on anyone to talk about it, but no one seems particularly
> interested in picking this up, and, as I said, it's a suggestion that I
> (as a regular user with a huge project of my own) don't personally have
> time to flesh out into a full spec.  I'd be happy to stay if someone
> would like to discuss it, but in general there isn't much point in me
> being on this mailing list apart from this particular bug report, so if
> there's no interest I'm going to unsubscribe.

Hi Bart,

to really improve the gradient editor, i think the scope of design and/or
discussion needs to be a bit less narrow.

The most important required UI change is to shift from the current segments 
concept to a control points based concept. That is, the basic model should 
for control points which specify _one_ color. Everything between these control
points gets interpolated. Done. No Manual Required. *)

To give a rough impression what of i mean, here's a sketch i'd doodled some 
time ago:
It also features a color inspector to save the tedious extra-click for opening
the color pop-up.


*) How to keep all the current features on top of this model is another 
    and, of course, what's really desired is an on-canvas gradient editor...

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