On 11/21/10 19:06, saulgo...@flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com wrote:
> * The user needs to be able to substitute their own version of GIMP
> for the one provided by you. If you are providing a modified version
> of GIMP, your program's use of GIMP must not rely upon the
> modifications you've made.

I don't see where you get this part from. Anyone is free to make any
modifications as long as they release them under a compatible licence
and provide full source code  etc.

If their other code works with the modified gimp in a GPL way where do
you see the requirement to make if function with some / any other
version of gimp that may be available previously , now or in the future.
This does not seem to make sense.

This would be equivalent of saying no one (including the gimp project)
could make a script that only worked with recent gimp features.

I'm not aware that GPL gives the project special rights to modify the
source above the rights of anyone else.

Please clarify if I've missed something.


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