On 11/22/2010 10:18 PM, Patrick Horgan wrote:
> On 11/22/2010 12:59 PM, Patrick Horgan wrote:
>> Now I'm interested.  Where can I look in the code for
>> this?  They really do this every time with the same
>> results instead of just having an array of the numbers
>> so generated?
> Never mind.  I saw it.  It's depending on the radius
> which is a double.  Even though double's aren't reals
> so it wouldn't be an infinite number of matrices
> required if you did it for each possible value less
> than 10 to would be an impossibly large number.
> Reading this code was a pleasure.  Clearly written by
> someone who wants the code to be
> maintainable/comprehensible by others.
Well, I wondered too: the radius slider goes from 0 to 120 in .1 steps 
so that would be only 1200 values to pre-calculate.

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