On 11/24/10 02:04, Patrick Horgan wrote:
>   If it was, then "If I've got
> the wrong end of the stick" would mean, "If something
> bad is happening to me".  My brain never stops!  lol!
> best regards,
> Patrick

I think the basic idea is one of making a mistake by picking up a stick 
by the wrong end , which is covered in shit.

I don't know the exact origin. It's a bit like "when the shit hits the 
fan". I don't think you're supposed to ask who's fan and where did the 
shit come from and how come it gets near the fan anyway?

It's just a colourful expression which is a bit more fun that saying "if 
I'm mistaken".

We're all agreed that avoiding calculating the matrix is pretty 
pointless. Any thoughts on what I said about the previews?

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