On 11/23/2010 06:17 PM, g...@catking.net wrote:
> On 11/24/10 02:04, Patrick Horgan wrote:
>>    If it was, then "If I've got
>> the wrong end of the stick" would mean, "If something
>> bad is happening to me".  My brain never stops!  lol!
>> best regards,
>> Patrick
> I think the basic idea is one of making a mistake by picking up a stick
> by the wrong end , which is covered in shit.
Really!   My word.  That's graphic.  That's ok.  This 
IS a list having to do with graphics.
> I don't know the exact origin. It's a bit like "when the shit hits the
> fan". I don't think you're supposed to ask who's fan and where did the
> shit come from and how come it gets near the fan anyway?
Well at least the image of the metaphor is clear.  You 
know that if shit hits a fan it's bad, but wrong end of 
a stick just isn't as obvious.
> It's just a colourful expression which is a bit more fun that saying "if
> I'm mistaken".
> We're all agreed that avoiding calculating the matrix is pretty
> pointless. Any thoughts on what I said about the previews?
Sounded important and made me think that if no one else 
looks into it by the time I finish all the other things 
I'm doing for various projects it would be fun and 
worthwhile looking into.  Really, why wouldn't you 
cache the result of all that work?  I'm getting to a 
point in my life where it's about time to get back into 
graphics and catch up with OpenGL (just got the new 
SuperBible), and learn gegl.  Need to get a paying job 
soon too.  Can't work for equity forever.  Anyone need 
a good linux C/C++ systems programmer?  lol!

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