Hello Folks. 
I'm a simple user, with some very limited knowledge of software developing but 
with some knowledge of management and having read many discussions on OSS and 
as a very raw user of Gimp on OS X i would to suggest something to this 
discussion list.

I went to the Gimp on Mac site the other day for seeing if any updates were 
available and saw the plead for help of the mac developer as he is only one and 
seriously needs help. I can't help on the programming unfortunately but i had 
other idea. 

As you know Apple is launching its App Store on Mac OS X somewhere in the next 
month.  This will allow for a significant number of users an easy way to look 
for software, download and install it, with reduced complexity and steps. Quite 
similar (equal) to the package manager in all of the linux distros but  most 
domestic users never used/tried a linux system so...

My idea is this: Put Gimp on the App Store. with a symbolic fee, let's say 2.5$ 
. If the 70/30 ratio of apple store is applied, then that should be 1.75$ for 
each download. This could be a significant source of income for the Gimp 
Project, the Gimp on Mac and could possibly allow a single developer to be 
committed full-time to it. This symbolic fee could be either for each 2.X 
updates or perpetual, that is open to discussion, i'm not that sure on the 

Now before any flamming and discussion on the GPL, i would like to state that 
the App Store webpage on Gimp should clearly state that this is opensource 
software, that you can download the source and/or the binary from the project 
page and that this is essentially a donation to the project combined with a 
easy software install and upgrade management.

If the app store is a sucess, as i think it will, then most users will already 
have an account and a credit card associated, as in itunes store. and that 
means that the donation and install of Gimp on mac is just a "click away". Now 
that is a powerfull aid for the "normal" user wich doesn't want to go around 
looking for stuff on the wild wild web and the easy install combined with the 
app store "top apps" could seriously make Gimp very much visible to the 
"masses".  And provide a steady flow of income to the project. Wich could help 
Gimp and Gimp on OS X immensely. 

Just food for thought and my very small two cents for the project.

Thank your for this great product.


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