On 12/07/2010 03:39 AM, Roman Joost wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a positive reply to include a nightly build of the manual on
> the GIMP buildbot a few weeks ago.
> In the mean time I created a snipped and tested it on my own machine:
>      f1 = factory.BuildFactory()
> f1.addStep(buildbot.steps.source.Git(repourl="git://git.gnome.org/gimp-help-2",
>  mode="update"))
>      f1.addStep(ShellCommand(command=["./autogen.sh", "--without-gimp"]))
>      f1.addStep(ShellCommand(command=["make", "html"]))
> Note: This will occupy quite a bit of disk space. On my buildbot where
> I tested the snippet it was occupying about 710 MB.
> Questions:
>      * Is it possible to synchronise the build artifacts (the generated
>        HTML or other formats) with wilber? If so it would make sense to
>        add more steps.


It seems a bit too risky to push every build to wilber, at least in the 

Assuming we don't do that for now, is the important thing for you just 
to see if the build completes without errors? Just double-checking. If 
that is the case, I'll set up a buildbot doing the steps above. I can't 
promise to do it immediately though.



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