On 12/08/10 21:57, Sven Neumann wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-12-08 at 20:35 +0200, Alexia Death wrote:
>> When we are on the subject already, I have a suggestion. Lets save the
>> countless noobs time and change the menu label of unsharp mask to
>> Unsharp Mask Sharpen?
> Seriously, Unsharp Mask is the correct term and it is widely known and
> mentioned in pretty much any book/tutorial that covers image
> manipulation and sharpening algorithms. It doesn't really help to
> disguise the filter by giving it a different name. GIMP is not really
> meant to be the application that a noob should use for their casual
> image manipulation needs. There are other application that fill this
> need and we should leave it to them to present the user with just a
> single sharpening algorithm and calling it "Sharpen" (even though it
> would most probably be "Unsharp Mask").
> Sven

Looking at the present way this is presented:

Sharpen ...
Unsharp mask

Then, because everyone who wants to sharpen an image is likely to look 
at the option called "sharpen" this has a hint saying it's not as 
powerful as unsharp mask.

The unsharp mask hint explains that this is the most commonly used way 
to sharpen an image.

Thus it is recognised that this is confusing and counter intuitive to 
the point where both comments are saying you don't want to use sharpen , 
try unsharp.

While unsharp mask may be the "correct term" it only makes sense in a 
photographic lab of a generation ago, it is now jargon. However 
interesting that may be to know the origins, the term is now a hindrance 
to usage and a clearer presentation would be better IMHO.

While the vision of gimp is to be "top-end" this should not require all 
users to have 10 years professional experience or a degree in image 
processing. It should be top-end in function without being esoteric.

I would suggest renaming sharpen to "simple" or "basic sharpen" and 
unsharp to "sharpen". That would instantly guide people to the probably 
required tool.

Then use the hints to provide for those seeking more detail to know 
which they require rather than , as now, using this space to say the 
names are confusing and you probably don't want this one, use the other 


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