On Wed, 2010-12-08 at 23:15 +0200, Alexia Death wrote:

> I'm not suggesting changing it's name, I'm proposing suffixing the
> name of the algorithm with its purpose because the algorithm name
> itself is outright misleading. Putting it in the menu in a menu item
> named Sharpen would serve the same purpose, but I dont think we have
> any other sharpening algorithms in default distribution to justify
> that.

Well, you are suggesting to change its name. Suffixing it is a name
change and it has the potential to confuse users that are actually
looking for "Unsharp Mask" and expect to find a standard filter under
its usual name.

About the menu, that's a good point. IMO it would be useful to have a
"Sharpen" group in the "Filters->Enhance" menu, separated from the other
filters. Here all sharpen filters can register and having "Unsharp Mask"
in a group with "Sharpen" should be a good hint on what it actually


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