Hi all,

I'm trying to compile gimp for windows using the Mingw,
But when running configure with:
CPPFLAGS="-I /mingw/include -I /h/Python26/include/pygtk-2.0 -I
/Python26/include \
LIBS="-lpng12 -lintl -lwsock32 -L/mingw/lib" \
FREETYPE_CONFIG="/mingw/bin/freetype-config" \
WMF_CONFIG ="/mingw/bin/libwmf-config" \
PYGTK_CODEGEN="/h/Python26/Lib/site-packages/gtk-2.0/codegen/codegen.py" \
. /configure \
        - host=mingw32 \
        - build=mingw32 \
        - prefix="$ HOME/gimp-win \
        - enable-debug \
        - without-alsa

The config.h file is no definition, all lines
are to "# undef" and the variable name, including GETTEXT_PACKAGE.
Thus I can not compile.
Anyone have any clue as to what might be wrong?


Emilio Seidel Fernandes
Tec. Desenvolvimento de Sistemas Distribuídos - UTFPR Curitiba
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