In the German Gimp Forums I've had a little discussion with Michael Schumacher 
and houz (don't know real name for now)

schumaml wrote: "I would give Python a go, instead of Scheme..."

schumaml; wrote:

"Mittelfristig fliegt Scheme eher raus, und alle Skripte in GIMP werden in 
Python sein. 

Die einzige Hürde dafür ist noch die Verfügbarkeit für Microsoft Windows - dort 
ist der typische Nutzer nicht in der Lage, Python und drei Module zu 
installieren - aber das wird sich spätestens mit den 2.8-Installerpaketen 

On the longterm, Scheme isn't going to stay, and all scripts in GIMP will be 
written in Python.

The only hurdle against it is, the availability for GIMP on MS-Windows - the 
typical (dumbnut user) can't install Python and three modules for using GIMP - 
but this thing will be history - ultimately with the installer packages within 

I would be glad when Aliens were behind it, it seems more serious.

Schumaml; was one of the first persons to push a python integration into GIMP 
And he has some sort of credibility when saying... Scheme isn't to survive 

and later houz wrote: "It is a thing of parting ressources, Scheme would be 
wasting them, we (GIMP Dev-Team) cannot support every backend for scripting.

So, your turn GIMP-Dev Community (Hopefully I am soon good enough to get my 
accepted within git)

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