IIRC there was some discussion of this idea -> script-fu ending up as
an independent plugin rather than one maintained within the GIMP code
base. Basically, script-fu ending up in the position that PyGimp has
been in -- an optional extra rather than part of the core
installation. That's the idea.

There has only been discussion. No concrete plans have been made.

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 12:24 PM, Andreas_P <kyel...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> In the German Gimp Forums I've had a little discussion with Michael Schumacher
> and houz (don't know real name for now)
> schumaml wrote: "I would give Python a go, instead of Scheme..."
> schumaml; wrote:
> "Mittelfristig fliegt Scheme eher raus, und alle Skripte in GIMP werden in
> Python sein.
> Die einzige Hürde dafür ist noch die Verfügbarkeit für Microsoft Windows - 
> dort
> ist der typische Nutzer nicht in der Lage, Python und drei Module zu
> installieren - aber das wird sich spätestens mit den 2.8-Installerpaketen
> geben."
> On the longterm, Scheme isn't going to stay, and all scripts in GIMP will be
> written in Python.
> The only hurdle against it is, the availability for GIMP on MS-Windows - the
> typical (dumbnut user) can't install Python and three modules for using GIMP -
> but this thing will be history - ultimately with the installer packages within
> 2.8...
> I would be glad when Aliens were behind it, it seems more serious.
> Schumaml; was one of the first persons to push a python integration into GIMP 
> on
> Windows...
> And he has some sort of credibility when saying... Scheme isn't to survive
> here....
> and later houz wrote: "It is a thing of parting ressources, Scheme would be
> wasting them, we (GIMP Dev-Team) cannot support every backend for scripting.
> So, your turn GIMP-Dev Community (Hopefully I am soon good enough to get my 
> code
> accepted within git)
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