On Thu, 2010-12-09 at 09:35 +1100, Jan Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> What are the best GIMP tools for sharpening?
> Is there a time when someone would use Sharpen instead of Unsharp Mask?  To
> me GIMP's Unsharp Mask has a better range and control.

For example, after down-scaling an image, sharpen of 20% can work well.
Unsharp tends to introduce artifacts if overdone.

After scanning a greyscale engraving I sometimes do a gaussian blur
followed by a sharpen at 80% or so. THis works better than
colours->threshold if you're going to scale down the image.

> Will Wavelet Sharpen be included in GIMP 2.8? I find the Luminance setting
> gives even better results than Unsharp Mask.

Which one are you using?  It's not so much the goal to reduce the
number of plugins as to get rid of bad ones and replace them
with better ones..


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